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Welcome to the home page for my Thesis.  I hope you find the information in this site useful and entertaining.  If there is anything you like or don't like, or any comment at all, please mail me from the link at the bottom of the page.  Thanks and enjoy. 

Purpose of the Project

Swarm For Network Solutions

The main purpose of this project is to research and analyze the most fundamental concepts of swarm intelligence and to be able to formulate and sample a proposal of how swarm intelligence can help the telecommunications world in terms of advancing the technology behind routing algorithms. The main idea is to modify a simple routing algorithm in such a way to merge the main ideas behind swarm intelligence and produce a more effective result even out of the simplest and most basic routing procedures. 

Project Aims and Objectives

Research Swarm Intelligence and its primary applications and analyze possible limitations and advantages.
Research network design, topology and features for routing and load balancing.
Research the main propositions and sample designs for load balancing and network routing.  Analyze the possibilities of such designs and estimate their functionality.
Research and analyze the main design environments and languages for the implementation of software agents based on swarm intelligence (Objective C, C,C++ ,NS2,OTCL and JAVA).
Develop organizational, research and implementation skills.
Design a routing software agent that will implement in a simple and basic form the main concepts of swarm intelligence and propose a software agent to modify current routing in the NS2 simulator.
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